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illustrator & porn artist, fulltime freelancer mostly making NSFW digital art; for inquiries and commissions please contact me at foxinshadow.art@gmail.com


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Oh boi this has been a long time coming.

So here's the deal guys. Right now I will be going on a three-week long vacation, the first time I am taking such a long break since forever. I kinda feel like I've earned it. Also, the stars have aligned and during that time I will be hosting InfinityBeing who's flying out across half the globe just to hang out with me and Kuki and we've been planning to meet for years now, so that's pretty neat too. I will be going all around central Europe and generally be away from my work, so this is the reason why the current commission list has stopped at June and I refused to accept any more. I just knew that I was going to be away ^^;

Now, all of this leisure time and my birthday which also comes up in roughly three weeks, has got me thinking. This is a nice time to take a look back and reflect on the past and the future.

Cuz I must honestly admit, I've been feeling pretty... mentally, or "artistically" exhausted for the longest time now, this feeling has been lurking around the corner and slowly creeping up on me. I feel like this has taken a toll on my creative output, causing me some dissatisfaction with my own work, because I am feeling like I could simply do better, and I wanna do better. 

But I decided not to be a dumb fuck like I have been in the past, so instead of pushing myself even harder I am giving myself some room to breathe right now. I really really feel like I need to get back my creative spark and drive for art, but I couldn't focus on that because I've been keeping myself busy with commission work at all times, never allowing myself to rest and recharge my creative batteries properly.

Now I want to make this perfectly clear, I am not going on a hiatus. Buuuuut there will be some significant limitations to the upcoming commissions, at least for the time being. I am still occupied by the comic project I am doing with Starhoof and that's still going on in the background keeping me busy, so other than that... I won't be really doing too many commissions for the rest of 2019.

I might be dropping some singular commission slots here and there so please be on the lookout, but I feel like I wanna focus on YCH auctions for now. YCH-type commissions are less mentally draining because I get to choose the initial sketch and pose that I liked.

So there will be that! I hope this whole thing didn't come off as whining at my clients, because god knows I love you all guys for supporting me all over the years, and without you none of what I do would be possible. I am truly truly grateful for everything <3

But... every artist has their own limit, I've been working non-stop for years and I feel like I've finally hit my limit. Time to slow down for a bit and recharge, and that's going to be for the better.

from Fox, with love <3


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